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October 2013

Posted on: Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 "Georgia Peaches" Enjoy the Sweet Taste of Victory!!

Ty Cobb Would be Proud - Huzzah!!
2013 Georgia Peach Team Members

The day began looking a little bleak on Saturday, September 21,2013 as the 13 "Georgia Peach" team members made the 60 mile drive to Greenville despite the 70% chance of rain forecasted.  Upon arrival we were a bit overwhelmed by the 34 well-dressed "Shoeless Joes" who were practicing on the field.  The Peaches, ranging in age from 12 - 55 years old,  knew that with the upcoming double-headers there was no room for injury or self-defeat as all would be required to do their best with minimal substitution.  The Peaches, essentially strangers, bonded quickly and played well. They stayed within a point or two of the veteran players.  They got 2 runs to tie the game in the bottom of the 7th.  An extra 2 innings were required for tie-breaking and the Peaches ended up earning the Championship trophy for the year winning the game 8 - 6.  The Joes were great hosts and served a fantastic lunch between the two games.  Everyone was wet from a slow drizzle all day but no one had dampened spirits.  The Joes played many of their rookie players and the Peaches won game 2 with a score of 13 -6.  For the second year in a row we had rain and Peachy victories.

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Fans in Detroit gave Cobb a diamond-studded watch for becoming the first player in the league to reach one hundred hits.

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