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Today, 86 years after the end of his career and 53 years after the end of his life, Ty Cobb is still considered by many to be the best player in baseball history. He set or equaled more records than any player.

Cobb's Record & All-Time Rankings

Cobb's Record

  • At .367, he has the highest lifetime major-league batting average. 
  • 2nd to Rickey Henderson in runs scored with 2245. Henderson had 2295.
  • He stole home 55 times. 
  • He held the record of 4191 hits for 57 years --until Pete Rose broke it in 1985. 
  • He was the first player to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame with 222 out of 226 possible votes.
  • He won a record 12 batting titles in 13 years, including 9 in a row from 1907 through 1915.
  • He led the American League in hits 8 times. 
  • He led the American League in runs scored 5 times. 
  • He is third in stolen bases with 892. 
  • He scored 100 runs 11 times in his career. 
  • He played for 24 years: 22 years with Detroit and 2 with Philadelphia. 
  • He reached 1,000 hit level by the age of 24 -- the youngest of any major league player. 
  • He batted under .320 only once in his career -- his first season. 
  • He batted over .400 three times (1911, 1912 & 1922). 
  • He batted over .320 for 23 straight seasons. 
  • He won the prestigious Triple Crown in 1909. 

All-Time Rankings

  • 1st - Average, Runs
  • 2nd - Hits (first until 1985 when beaten by Pete Rose)
  • 2nd - Triples (second to Sam Crawford)
  • 3rd - Stolen Bases (behind Rickey Henderson, Lou Brock)
  • 4th - Games Played (behind Rose, Yaztrzemski, Aaron)
  • 4th - At Bats (behind Rose, Yaztrzemski, Aaron)
  • 4th - Doubles (behind Speaker, Rose, Musial)
  • 5th - RBIs (behind Aaron, Ruth, Gehrig, Musial) 

Ty Cobb with his favorite bat during the game when he set a new record.

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