In the year 2000, a unique display was unveiled at the Ty Cobb Museum, "The century club display!" worded on the ribbon above the display are the words: "Celebrating the 100 greatest moments of Ty Cobb's career and honoring those who by supporting the museum have insured its posterity."

The display consists of 100 full size Louisville Slugger bats made from Ty Cobb's plate #125. They are engraved with 100 of the most memorable moments of his career.

With a donation of $1,000 to the museum, you can "Buy a bat" and add to the engraved moment your name ore the name of a special person that you would like to honor. With this donation you will receive an identical bat for yourself. You become a lifetime member of the friends of Ty Cobb museum. You will receive a lifetime membership card which will entitle you and one guest free admission anytime the museum is open. You will receive a Ty Cobb museum coffee mug as well as a 10% discount on items from the home plate gift shop anytime you visit.

Over the years, many wonderful people have been honored this unique, one of a kind exhibit, that is also a fundraiser.