“I have done no great good that you should so signally honor me. Much of what success I may have had has been due to in large measure to the help of others. Oh, why didn’t I try to do more?”
– Ty Cobb
Tyrus R. Cobb was chosen as the first inductee into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936. The shrine at Cooperstown was created to host the elite group of athletes who provided the most colorful and fascinating dexterity in baseball. No player injected more personality into the game than Ty Cobb. The famous Georgian shattered virtually every record in the game and won the distinction of the “greatest of baseball’s immortals.”
Hunting was one of Ty Cobb’s favorite hobbies – but he also used hunting as a way to prepare for the upcoming baseball season. Cobb would wear weighted boots when he hunted during the off-season to strengthen his legs, making him faster and stronger. The J.P. Sauer & Sons 16 gauge shotgun is one he used often during his numerous hunting expeditions.